WordPress.org/hosting meeting time changes survey
WordPress.org #hosting-community meetings currently alternate between Monday at 1400 UTC and Wednesday at 1700 UTC every other week. This has led to some confusion on which meeting is happening when. Furthermore, the 1400 UTC meeting time occurs late at night for the APAC timezones.

To remedy these concerns, a proposal to change the Monday meeting time, day and dates to be more inclusive for APAC time zones while still remaining convenient for the EU regions has been made.

Please help the effort to gauge what works best for hosting and individual contributors by filling out the survey below.

Results will be collected and discussed at the following meeting. Thereafter, an official announcement about the meeting changes will be made.

What is your region? *
Should both meetings occur every week or should the meetings continue to alternate every other week? *
What are the best days for meetings ? *
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Please select the best meeting time for the later meeting: *
Do you work for a host?
If so, what host?
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