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Please fill out this application. It will officially start your process towards our working together.

Once submitted, I will personally review all your answers and a member of my team will be in touch to confirm your "What are the Possibilities?" call with me. This is a private call and is focused on you. We will explore what you want, brainstorm on how to get it, and take a look at what’s holding you back.

Please note: "What are the Possibilities?" calls are for you if you are truly ready to learn how to express your needs and desires and actually get them fulfilled, gain skills to have communication for connection and sexual satisfaction, and walk away knowing how to start experiencing a whole new revival of intimacy, passion, and sex in your life. This positively transformative experience will leave you inspired, turned-on, and open to new possibilities for your sex life.

If you plan on doing this program with your partner, they will need to be present on this phone call. Please put their name and email address in the designated spaces below and I will send them a separate intake form that they will need to fill out before our call. I am happy to work with individuals.

Please do NOT fill out this form and schedule an appointment if…
-Don’t want to make the financial investment
-Not willing to invest the time
-The love is gone but you haven’t left
-There is physical or emotional abuse
-You are looking for dating advice
-Aren’t committed to personal growth

If it just can’t wait, email me at with the subject line: I WANT CHANGE and we’ll get you scheduled right away!

Until then, make pleasure a priority.

Best Viv B

PS: All answers are confidential.
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