Application for Sponsored Personal Scale Carbon Drawdown Kit
This form is to help us find you a sponsor whether you are a motivated individual, a community garden, a school or a non profit. Sponsorships will allow us to give you 25%-100% discount on SkyCarbon biochar and/or on the compost tumbler. There are no right or wrong answers, but knowing a little more about you will allow us to contact the right people on your behalf. Please remember to share high res pictures as they are required for the selection process.

If you apply you should be:

- Motivated and clearly understand the potential climate impact of biochar co-composting and carbon drawdown.
- Enjoy educating your network on climate change and how SkyCarbon biochar can be a useful tool.
- Use product/s continuously
- Share results on social media

Thank you for signing up! Each kilo of biochar you compost is the same as taking care of 2 trees for a year.

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Are you willing to commit to running the tumbler at full capacity for 12 consecutive months?
Are you willing to spread the word on the SkyCarbon biochar co-composting drawdown method?
For individuals only: Would you be able to involve 4 other people in your area so as to form a group of 5 drawdown volunteers receiving the composting kit and/or SkyCarbon Biochar?
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