2020 GEA East Africa Program Application
IMPORTANT NOTE: After submitting your application, please email a copy of your current resume/CV to info@globaledallies.org (this does not need to be a polished resume - the purpose is to just help provide background on the applicant). The application deadline is February 15, 2020 (however early applicants are being interviewed and confirmed in December 2019). More weight will be given to applicants in the order their application is received. Skype or in-person interviews will take place through mid-February. Applications will continue to be accepted if space is available, although program preferences may be limited or not available.
Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience . . .
What is your full name? *
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What is your preferred name?
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What is the name of the educational institution where you work (include city and state or country)? *
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What grade level(s) do you teach, or what is your position within the field of education? *
What subject(s) do you teach (if applicable)?
Please briefly describe any international experience you have had previously:
Note: No previous international experience is required; You may include and describe all international travel you have done and approximate time spent abroad (tourism, educational, etc.) as well as domestic experiences working in diverse settings.
Please provide 1-2 paragraphs explaining why you wish to participate in Global Education Allies 2020 program in East Africa. Include the following: What you hope to gain from this experience, and how it will help you in your current and future role as an educator? Specifically, explain how you plan to apply the experience(s) in Africa to benefit students or other educators at your school or in your district or community. Your response should demonstrate why you should be considered as one of the educators on these programs, given there are limited spots available. *
Please explain any special health challenges (including food and other allergies) you might have and what you do to manage these issues.
Given that conditions in Africa can sometimes be challenging and/or less comfortable, please describe why you believe you are well-suited for an African experience. Please give examples of comparable life experiences you have had that you believe have prepared you to cope with less-developed conditions, and/or which have made you especially flexible.
Is there anything else that you would like the program staff to be aware of which was not included in any of the questions or responses above?
Do you have any questions about any of the experiences that you think would be helpful for us to add to our FAQ section on our website?
Select your ideal package
There are four options to choose between which essentially include: 1) Rwanda ONLY, from June 18-27; 2) Rwanda and the Uganda Safari that goes through July 1st and includes the flight from Rwanda to Uganda; 3) Uganda ONLY, from June 27-July 6 (including the safari and an immersion experience); and 4) The entire package - all of Rwanda and Uganda which includes the flight between countries and includes the largest discount.
Package/Program Selection *
Please select your first choice. Your selection can be updated later:
What are the main factors that went into you selecting the package that you did? *
What are your main interests, objectives, or experience relating to the theme, timing, or cost of the combination of experiences you selected?
Please check all that would apply relating to possible guests:
Note: All educators must complete their own application.
Please include any comments, feedback, questions, or explanations about any of the items from the above section that you have checked:
If you selected to bring 1-2 non-educator guests, please explain who you would like to take (spouse, parent, adult child, friend, etc.) and a little about their background and why they are interested in participating. NOTE: Participants under the age of 14 will not be accepted.
Do you know any other teachers who are applying to this program, or who might be interested in applying? If so, please include their name(s) and email(s) below.
How did you find out about GEA and this opportunity to go to East Africa?
Check all that apply
Please send your Resume/CV to the following email address: info@globaledallies.org. Be sure the document is labeled with your first and last name (i.e. LoraCookResume). You will be contacted no later than December 1st to either attend a group information session, online webinar, and/or participate in an in-person or online interview.
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