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Assessment Questions
A) Are a person’s beliefs, background and past important to whether you would be friends?
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B) Consider a time you felt distress. Please describe that distress in 10 words or less. In another 10 words or less, describe how that distress came about. In another 10 words, describe either how the distress ended, or how it might end.
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C) Please provide contact information for a personal reference from a spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent or child.
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D) Please write a limerick describing yourself, the reason you are seeking to join the Loka Review, or describing your practice of Yoga.
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E) Please provide proof that your creative work has improved the condition of a sentient, inanimate, animal or non-sentient member of the community.
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F) Please demonstrate your competence in producing creative works that comply with our standards for layout, setting, corrected language, intelligible visual and audio components, and fact-checking: you will be contacted with direction on how to submit this additional information. In the space below, write "ok"
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Additional Requirements
As a Dharmic publication, Editors must adhere to the basic training vows of Loka Hatha Yoga, as they presently exist and as they may change in the future. They are presently:

• I will not harm myself or any other living being, whether through action or inaction, whether in body, speech or heart, through excessive force, cruelty and violence of any kind. I will do everything in my power to protect myself and others, even those who appear stronger than myself, from harm.
• I will not take what is not freely given, nor keep what belongs to others.
• I will be generous toward myself and others when in need; I will be generous, and delight in sharing and giving.
• I will be courteous and polite.
• I will protect and support the integrity, dignity and safety of individuals, couples, families and all associations and societies formed of friendship and love.
• I shall not cause discord, division or isolation, and will do all that is possible to reconcile those suffering from discord, division and isolation through inspiring harmony, peace, joy and confidence.
• Knowing that sexual desire and activity are different from friendship and love, and that sexual activity motivated by desire for pleasure, in avoidance of pain, or in isolation or fear, without dignity or safety, will harm myself and others, I will not engage in sexual relations without true love, and a deep, long-term commitment made known to my family and friends.
• I shall not lie or deceive.
• I shall keep myself in good health in body, mind and heart through mindful eating, drinking and other sustaining nutriments of food, senses, volitions and consciousness. I will refrain from the use of all things toxic to my body, mind and heart. I shall not produce toxins or a toxic environment for myself others. I shall protect my environment from hate, anxiety, fear, regret, sorrow and desire, preserving peace, joy and well-being.
• If I develop dependency or addiction of any kind, I will seek the assistance of my friends to help me combat it with all my strength.
• I will practice sobriety of body, mind and heart.
• I will wear modest clothing in public and in the presence of visitors.
• I will bathe at least daily, and wash my hands after defecation and urination, and undertake other necessary sanitary procedures.

By submitting this application, I affirm that I have vowed to subscribe to the training rules, as they presently exist, and may be amended in the future, by taking the vows required for my service. Further, I agree to abide by the terms of the governing documents of Loka Hatha Yoga, as they presently exist, and may be amended in the future. Should I desire to serve Loka Hatha Yoga in another Division, additional application may be required.

I understand that ownership of copyrights of my work will remain mine, however Loka Hatha Yoga will have an unlimited right to reproduce, use and sell the copyrighted material, including the free distribution of that material, so long as revenues and profits are divided as set forth in the governing documents of Loka Hatha Yoga, as they presently exist, and may be amended in the future: to permit their continued work, Guest Authors will receive 40% of the profits from any sale of their work, authors who have undergone training to become Assistant Editors will receive 50% of the profits from any sale of their work, authors who have undergone training to become Editors will receive 70% of the profits from any sale of their work.

Having read the additional requirements,
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