2019 Summer Reading: A Universe of Stories
Our contest starts the day after Memorial Day. Print or pick up a reading log. Read or listen to stories anywhere then color in a pie wedge for each 15 minutes of reading.

Bring your paper Reading Log to the Mason Public Library to redeem your prizes. Prize pickup starts the first Monday in June and ends on the last Wednesday in July.

Please bring your paper log with you whenever you visit the library. Visit us often and don't wait until the last week to visit and collect your prizes!

You earn a solid bead for every 15 minutes of reading. Each row is worth 4 hours and earns a Grand Prize Slip. You also win Bonus Prizes at 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 hours!

Registration prize: necklace chain and collectible 2019 Summer Reading space medallion
4 hour Bonus: 2 Fun beads (solid stars)
8 hour Bonus: free frozen custard from Culvers
12 hour Bonus: free book to keep forever donated by Half Priced Books
16 hour Bonus: free LazerKraze mission and more
20 hour Bonus: Choose a collectible Badge to add to your necklace. Put your name in our window.

Trade in your solid beads for glitter, metallic, metallic stars, or for sports, letter, & animal beads to create a necklace with your own style. Earn glow-in-the-dark and other fancy Beads by attending Library programs!

Can't stop reading? Earn even more beads and prize slips with an Extreme Reading Log for 20 to 200 hours. Each extreme dot is worth 4 solid beads. 4 dots = 4 hours = 4 hours worth of beads & 1 Prize Slip. Set a summer goal with your parent and keep reading! Bring your Extreme Reading Log to the library every time you visit to collect your prizes. You don't have to complete the entire sheet to win!

Bead Banks, Prize Pick-up, & Grand Prize Boxes close at 8p.m. on the last Wednesday of July.
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