2017 United Way Community Conversations
Part of our role in the community is to make sure we are listening to the people who live here and are addressing the most pressing needs our citizens face. We’re conducting Community Conversations to give you the opportunity to share your hopes for Clallam County and to examine the strengths and weaknesses of our area.

Below is a brief questionnaire including the Conversation questions and a few optional demographic questions. Please fill them out as thoughtfully as possible so that we may best gauge the community's strengths and weaknesses.


Community Conversation Questions
Questions to help gauge the community's strengths and weaknesses.
What are some of our communities greatest strengths when it comes to Education, Financial Stability and Health?
Your answer
What are the 2-3 most important issues or barriers in our community in the areas of Education, Financial Stability and Health?
Your answer
What can we do (programs, initiatives, solutions) to overcome these barriers?
Your answer
Who do you trust to take action on the issues we've been talking about?
Your answer
What is your mailing zip code?
Your answer
What is your age range?
How do you describe your race or ethnic group? (If multi-racial please check all that apply)
Do you consider yourself Latino or Hispanic?
How do you identify yourself?
What is your primary language?
What is your family income?
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