Funzy Play Pre-Interview Assessment
Thank you for applying to work at Funzy Play Indoor Playground!
We are looking for an energetic, responsible, intelligent, assertive person to join our team. We have open play, birthday parties and special events. We are now looking for dynamic individuals with positive energy and excellent communication skills, especially with children to work our reception, selling ticket, customer service for parents, working on computer with document, operate our play area, host birthday parties. Individuals must be physically fit, organized and punctual.

Please take a moment to answer a few questions based on previous work experience and skills.

A member of our management team will review your answers and contact you if we would like to move forward with the interview process.
First and Last Name
Are you looking for full time or part time work? What is your availability working days and time? *
Do you have experience working with computers? How about with Microsoft Office? Please explain where you have experience from. *
This position may require some deep cleaning tasks, especially when business is slow. Is this something that you would be comfortable with? *
This job will require that you work directly with kids and groups of kids. (leading activities, games, general interactions, deescalating arguments, etc.) Is this something that you would be comfortable with? Do you have any working experience with kids? Explain *
Why are you leaving your current position at your current job? Please briefly explain. *
What would you expect for hourly pay for this position? *
When will be a good time for you to come in for an interview? (List specific date and time) *
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