Operation Ida Repairs
Please fill out this form if you would like Operation Ida to assist with station repairs by hauling commodities. If you want to talk about things other than hauling, please join http://operationida.com/discord so we can chat directly :)

If you are requesting help for a player group, please only fill out this form if the group's leadership has said you should do so. We've had several miscommunications with different groups and prefer to talk directly with group leaders to keep things as simple as possible. Only one person from a group should submit a request for a particular station.

NOTE: We can't promise when, or even if, we'll get around to working on a particular station, and it almost certainly won't be in the exact order that we received requests. However, we will try to work them into our plans in a reasonable order, and we can offer advice and technical help in the meantime.

What station would you like help repairing? *
Please provide both the station AND system names.
Please provide your FULL Discord username: *
This means you must provide "Bery Holzfäller#8936" (rather than "Bery Holzfäller"). Sorry to be harsh, but if you don't provide this, we won't be able to contact you and we may delete your request as a result.
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