UBWA Executive Board Application 2019 - 2020
Please refer to the Election Information and Position Descriptions document included in the weekly email for more information. Note that election night will include voting for the President, Senior Vice President, and eight general board positions. Newly elected board members will be placed into specific positions after elections based on your preferences listed here. Keep your short answers concise, about 4-6 sentences. Reach out to Sarah Burger (burger.148@osu.edu) if you have any questions
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Will you be at Ohio State for Fall Semester 2019 and Spring Semester 2020? *
How many years (including the current year) have you been involved with UBWA? *
What position is your first choice? *
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Will you be a member of the executive board of another student organization next year? *
Think about a time you have worked on a team (can be from a group project, a high school sports team, another club on campus, a job, etc). Describe your typical role in that setting. Are you more collaborative, an individual worker, the organizer, etc.? (There is no right answer, we just want to get a feel for you as a teammate) *
Describe a time that you took initiative or went above and beyond what was asked of you. *
Why are you passionate about UBWA? What are you passionate about outside of UBWA? *
What are some ideas you have to make UBWA even more successful next year? *
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