This is the official Participation Waiver, Release and Assignment... AKA: the "Legal Mumbo-Jumbo" required for teams to enter this competition - Please fill out info below... read the waiver at the bottom and if you agree and accept - please check the BOXES and then simply submit it over to us. Cost to enter a team is $75.00 (A team consists of either 1 or 2 makeup artists and 1 model) Payment is suggested to be paid in advance to secure your spot. Entry fee can be paid using Paypal or you can have your sponsor/s or your team mail us a check or money order. More info on this is available on our FB page or the OHHC Website for those participating in our KICK-OFF event for the year! 2019 Rules are currently being reviewed and will be updated and available to look over on our Monster Make Off Facebook Group Page soon. Some of the questions are mandatory to enter (they will have a red asterisk by them)
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