Motivation Hypnosis Rescue Mission Workshop
Age Regression Research, Techniques & Practice: September 30-October 3, 2021
Start: Thursday, September 30 @ 4pm & End: Sunday, October 3 @ 5pm
Clinical Hypnosis Workshops:

Level 1:

● Discuss research and basic Age Regression techniques.

● Develop experience in applying Age Regression skills in (supervised) dyads.

● Apply Age Regression techniques and theory to ADHD, anxiety and PTSD.

Level 2:

● Participate with discussion of case presentations and demonstrations.

● Develop knowledge and skill applications of Age Regression to ADHD, addictions, depression, ODD, and PTSD.


Day 1 -

● Lecture on new Age Regression techniques.

● Combining Clinical Hypnosis and Chakra Balancing.

Day 2 -

● Clinical Hypnosis applied to OCD.

● Clinical Hypnosis applied to Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Day 3 -

● Clinical Hypnosis applied to IBS.

● Discussion about the North Carolina Protocol: A scripted treatment course for IBS.

● Practice, demonstrations, discussion & case consultations.
Open to licensed health and mental health care professionals* who would like to learn safe, effective, tested age regression techniques, including hypnotic anchoring and self-hypnosis techniques developed by Maureen Turner. In-person options include experiential hours for those who have received both doses of COVID vaccine. Virtual options include lecture and observation.

*All Registrants must have taken an ASCH-Approved Basic Clinical Hypnosis Workshop (20 hrs) at minimum & psychotherapy within their licensed scope of practice.
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Workshop Fee: $600
21 hours + Manual = $600
$25 discount to NMSCH Members
Cancellation Policy: ($20 fee) 100% Refund up to 3 wks prior / 50% at 2 wks / Less than 2 wks - No refunds
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