Bryngwyn School - Live Streaming Lessons - Parental Consent
Dear parent/guardian. Thanks you for your support through these difficult times. It has been lovely to see many pupils back in school this week to Catch Up, Prepare for Summer and September.

To reinforce the learning experience of your son/daughter we aim to introduce a series of timetabled live streamed lessons. These lessons will be phased in slowly with only some year groups taking part before the summer holiday. The intention is to give pupils an opportunity to take part in a more focussed time with their teachers allowing them to gain a more structured learning experience. Teachers will have an opportunity to explain online learning tasks to help with difficulties and misconceptions.

Please read the acceptable use agreement and if you are happy for your son/daughter to take part then accept in the form below. Thanks for the support.
Live Streaming Lessons from Home Acceptable Use Policy
Learners agree to:

• Prepare for the session in plenty of time and have an appropriate working area.
• Access the relevant files for each lesson in advance and have the materials to hand.
• Ensure their device is powered from the mains and have a good internet
connection e.g. not too far from the Wi-Fi router.
• Choose an appropriate quiet workspace (ideally a separate room) where other
family members will not be walking around and disturbing you and explain to your
family you are starting a lesson.
• Minimise distractions. Turn off music, tv, phone, games console in the background.
• Not to impact on the experience of the lesson for other pupils, showing respect
for everyone in the online classroom.
• Ensure they are dressed appropriately and treat the lesson as they would in school.
• Contribute to the class in a positive manner and not be disruptive at any time.
• That parents can support their pupils with the technology but should not ask
questions or speak for their child during the lesson.
• Only commenting or raising questions on the topic being discussed.
• Comments or questions which are inappropriate being removed from the
conversation facility.
• Conduct themselves in an online lesson as expected in any lessons whilst
understanding that any disruption will be dealt with by the school’s behaviour
• Schedule any updates on laptops outside lessons.
• Not make recordings/images of the class or the teacher or any part of the lesson
using another device.
• Not record or take screenshots of any aspect of the lesson, including the teacher
and the class.
• Not initiate any live streaming or contact outside of the scheduled lessons as

Guidance for Parents and Guardians for accessing Microsoft Teams:

• Your child will be added to a Team by a member of the teaching staff - a short video
explaining accessing MS Teams through Hwb is available on YouTube

• A tile for that class will then appear in their MS Teams area
• They will be then sent an invitation to the Team meeting which will be on his/ her

Teachers agree to:

• deliver live-streamed lessons only through Microsoft Teams using HWB
• start live session just ahead of scheduled time to allow a prompt start to the lesson
• notify the learners of scheduled lessons as well as any resources required during
that session (documents, presentations etc)
• discuss roles and responsibilities and provide a short tutorial on the system at the
outset of all lessons
• ensure that no lessons are recorded
• ensure that they keep themselves up to date with all relevant policies and
procedures, including online safety, safeguarding and data protection policies
• prevent a one to one situation at the end of an online class by ending the lessons
for all participants from Teams
• not to initiate any live streaming or contact outside of the scheduled lessons as
• one other working colleague present in any live streamed lesson for safeguarding
Parent / guardian / carer full name: *
Name of child (Can you submit this agreement separately for each of your children.) *
Year group *
Live-stream sessions will be treated in the same way as all other personal data and in accordance with the school’s data protection policies and GDPR regulations. *
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