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What does your business do? 
What are your best-selling products? 
(Please provide information about your best-selling services, the problems they solve, their unique features, the reasons why someone should choose your service/product over others)
Who is your customer?
(Please provide information about the buyer persona, including their gender, age, habits, and interests, as well as the geographical location of your potential customers, as targeting can be conducted at various levels such as country-wide, city-wide, and even specific parts of a city in certain cases)
What is the main goal of your online promotion/campaign?
(Ex: more product/service sales, new blog readers, brand awareness, new leads, new email subscribers, etc.)
What are your business goals (KPIs)
(Could you please clarify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your business, understanding your specific metrics and goals will help me tailor and optimize the Google Ads campaign accordingly to align with your objectives and drive meaningful results for your business?)
What is the maximum price you could pay to get a new client while still being profitable?
(To ensure a profitable outcome, it would be helpful if you could provide insights into the maximum acquisition cost you are comfortable with in acquiring a new client, considering factors such as your desired profit margin, customer lifetime value, and any other relevant financial considerations related to your business model)
Your biggest competitors and what sets your offer apart from the offer of your competition?
(What factors differentiate your service/product from competitors targeting the same audience and location, such as unique offerings, competitive pricing, free shipping, or any other aspects that would attract potential customers to choose your service/product over that of your competitors?)
Do you have a specific campaign goals tracking in place on your website?
(Ex: for online stores - Google Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce setting enabled; for businesses that provide a service - tracking the fulfillment of goals (eg, completed contact form or clicking the phone call button) in Google Analytics)
Have you ever conducted any kind of online promotion / advertising in the past?
(If so, can you indicate on which platforms you advertised? Briefly state what you were satisfied with and what you were not happy with)
Which platforms would you like to advertise on?
Your monthly advertising budget? ()
Would it be possible for you to grant me access to your Google Ads account so that I can conduct an audit?
(A Google Ads audit involves analyzing and evaluating your Google Ads account to assess its performance, identify areas of improvement, and provide recommendations for optimizing ad campaigns and increasing their effectiveness.)
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