Cook County Jail Votes
Chicago Votes is so excited you are interested in election work at the Cook County Jail!

Election Work at Jail March 10 & March 17 from 9-5:30 Requirements:
1. Attend Election Judge training hosted by CBOE; You can choose either March 3 or March 4 from 10-12 at 69 W Washington. Chicago Votes will set this up for you.

Monthly Voter Registration Requirements:
1. Deputy Registrar Training: You must be a resident of Chicago to participate if you are not yet a Deputy Registrar. Suburban folks must set up their own Deputy Registrar training at their local election authority.
2. CCJ101 Training

Please make sure a valid photo ID is uploaded. Also please keep in mind the county will not allow you to work in the jail if you are on any visitation lists or if you have had a felony conviction in the past 10 years (Jail does a background check). Have a felony and want to help? No worries - email me, I have tons of ways you can help out.

Please calendar and write down the dates you choose below. You will receive email confirmations a few days before each entry or training. Please direct all questions to Jen Dean,

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