2019 South African General Election - Overseas Voter Feedback
South Africans abroad voted in the General Election on the 27 April 2019. We know that there are hundreds of thousands of South Africans living around the world who still care very much for our country and for our friends and family back home - casting our vote is one way of displaying this. We also know that there are many obstacles to casting your vote abroad and so we've fought very hard to increase access to voting overseas - we got weekend voting, but all our other requests were blocked by the ANC government with no reason given.

Despite this just under 20,000 South Africans turned out to vote and while the results show an overwhelming support for the DA at 74% of the vote, the results did not meet our targets, and were lower than those in 2014.

We need your help to understand why this is the case, and why we were unable to increase the voter turnout and the overseas support for the DA. As a South African abroad we would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide as to your voting experience in this general election. This survey should only take about 10 - 15 min to complete.

All information provided will greatly help us to improve on our future campaigns, provide a better service to you, and ensure you are able to play an important role in our country's future no matter where in the world you live.

Please note that your details will NOT be shared with any third parties.

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