Course "Lecturing in English: Teaching vs Learning"
Lecturing in English demands specific knowledge and skills from tutors. While preparing for lectures, tutors very often put an emphasis on planning their participation in learning and forget about student involvement and learning outcomes. However, learning in English is much more challenging for non-native speakers. Hence, it is highly important for tutors not only to plan lecture content and workshop topics but also keep in mind language, the structure of the material, ways of introducing terminology, and student involvement. Besides linguistic difficulties associated with running lectures and workshops in English, the course will cover pedagogical strategies that can enhance learning efficiency.

Tutor: Tatiana Golechkova, PhD, is Assistant Professor at the Department of Humanities and Foreign Languages at the New Economic School. She is a Cambridge Delta qualified EFL teacher with broad experience in teaching academic writing and speaking to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as academics. Her areas of special interest include strategies for efficient presentation and communication, genre features and sociocultural peculiarities of English academic texts.

Course duration: March 11th - April 15th, 4 academic hours per week
Location: Pokrovsky Boulevard 11, K-416
Time: 12:30-15:30 on Wednesdays

The course is available for HSE faculty. Please, fill out an online registration form and write a motivation letter. It should include your experience of public speaking, lecturing or teaching in English. Please also describe key difficulties you faced when lecturing or teaching in English and explain how new skills are relevant to your teaching.
English level requirement: С1

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