Covid 19: Mapping the needs and problems of the elderly
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About the questionnaire:
This table allows you to describe three independent challenges.
You can register a single challenge, (1 challenge per page). Just press on "NEXT" until you reach the last page where you press "SEND".
You always have the opportunity to register more than 3 challenges by re-entering the link and starting over on the questionnaire.
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Has the COVID 19 situation created new needs, for example emotional, social or physical? Choose a single problem area. (Later you can select more)
Clear selection
Describe the details of the single problem within the selected area. (Later you can select more)
Describe the specific place and situation the problem occurred in (at the bus stop, at home, in the waiting room, at a party)
Were other people or organizations involved in the situation? ( friends, hauliers, colleagues, an association, a doctor?)
Do you happen to have an exciting solution? (an idea or an existing solution)
I experince the problem as:
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