Registration to MAD SCIENCE seminar: Professor Susan Rothstein. Counting and measuring: the evidence from 'furniture'.
Accenture Latvia continues with the 6th Mad Science Seminar.
This time you are invited to join us and our honored guest Susan Rothstein, Professor of Linguistics at Bar-Ilan University, on a journey exploring counting and measuring.

Professor Rothstein will discuss object mass nouns like furniture and footwear that have long been a topic of debate in linguistics. The talk will be based on counting and measuring: the evidence from ‘furniture’.

Professor Rothstein is a well known speaker, teacher, author and editor and writes about topics such as syntax, semantics, and the syntax-semantics interface. Alongside her public speaking and writing, Professor Rothstein is a member of the Academia Europeae and winner of a Humboldt Research Award in 2014. Her current research includes a study of locations as individual entities.

Date: 16th of May
Time: 14:30pm - 16:00pm
Place: University of Latvia, Raina boulevard 19, Auditorium 13

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