Reading Survey Sept 2017 Div. 2
We want to know about your reading habits so we can help you find books you'll love.
Adapted from The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller.
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Are you reading a book for fun right now?
Do you ever read a book for fun?
When I read for fun I like to read:
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3 Favourite books I would take on a trip:
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How do you find out about books you would like to read?
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In the past week, I have read for at least half an hour (30 minutes):
In the past month, I have read ___ book(s) for fun:
My favourite times to read:
When I read I like to:
What is the greatest obstacle that prevents you from reading as much as you would like?
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I have a public library card:
I borrow books from the public library:
Number of books I have at home:
I read on an electronic device:
If yes, what kind of device?
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If I could meet any character(s) from a book, I would want to meet:
Examples: Katniss from Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Big Nate, Geronimo Stitlon, etc.
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The last three books I have read:
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I would like to read a book about:
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What is important for your teacher and Mrs. Araujo to know about you as a reader? *
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