The following is an English language assessment test used by The Language House to assess your level before starting classes with us. The score is only valid for our internal records. Let us know if you want us to email you with feedback on your score and advice on which level would suit you best.
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Multiple-choice questions
Choose one of the answers from the options to complete the phrase.
1. My name is Juan and I _________ 25 years old.
2. I ________ to live in Barcelona, but now I live in Liverpool.
3. I _____ _____ English at a school in Liverpool.
4. Where ____ you live?
5. I ____ live near you.
6. I haven't got a job at the moment, so I haven't got very _______ money.
7. My parents _____ _____ to see me tomorrow. I can't wait!
8. They have never _____ to Liverpool before.
9. If they don't get to see the Liver Buildings and the Albert Dock, they _____ be very disappointed.
10. They would never ____ ____ the chance to come to Liverpool if I'd never moved here.
Multiple choice with two options
Choose the option that best fits the sentence
11. ______ you have seen the Mona Lisa in person, you won't understand how beautiful it is.
12. Where _____ you go on your last holiday?
13. I am glad you had _____ a good trip.
14. How ________ people are in your family?
15. Our guests haven't arrived _______ .
Cloze questions
Complete the following statements choosing the word that best fits the space.
16. Are you seriously telling me you have done all your homework _______ ?!
17. If you ________ been so late, I could have let you in.
18. I really _______ have tidied up before we left. I hate coming home to a mess.
19. This necklace ________ given to me by my grandmother.
20. I was brought _______ by my grandparents and have lived with them all my life.
21. "Can I borrow your car tonight?" "Sure, but Nora's using it right now. If she ______ it back in time, you're welcome to borrow it."
Multiple choice questions.
Choose the appropriate response to the question.
22. Where are you going for lunch?
23. Do you like your new flat?
24. Would you like a coffee?
25. Would you like some help?
26. Terry invited me on holiday, but I need to 'think it ___' before I decide.
Choose the correct ending for the phrasal verb
27. I went shopping yesterday, but I couldn't find ________
Choose the correct indefinite pronoun
28. Many people think there may be alien life ______ in the universe.
Choose the correct indefinite pronoun
29. ______ ate my cookie! Who? Who ate my cookie?
Choose the correct indefinite pronoun
30. There are still lots of empty seats in the theatre. We can sit _____ we like.
Choose the correct indefinite pronoun
Multiple choice questions
Choose the correct option to complete the following phrases.
31. He advised me ..... the doctor.
32. He didn't come last night. I wish that he _____ .
33. Which would you _____ have, gold or silver?
34. My friend has been in hospital. I wonder how she _____
35. The man said he did not _____ to go by bus.
36. Although he confessed to the crime, the judge let the boy _____
37. I've never ____ that word before.
38. The student could not answer the question, so he .....
39. Do you mind if I sit ………….. you?
40. Can I ………….. a word with you?
Write a maximum of 50 words. Answers will be checked by test markers only.
Describe the image with your own words.
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