FIRE-X 2018 Airborne Campaign Priorities
This survey is meant to increase the range of backgrounds and perspectives contributing to identifying the optimal aerosol-science objectives and instrumentation suite for the 2018 FIREX P3 airborne campaign. The P3 payload will additionally carry a gas-phase payload supporting understanding of gas/condensed phase exchange and chemistry, as well as metrological instrumentation; this questionnaire is focused only on aerosol instrumentation selection and science goals. It has a total of 6 major foci, and should not take more than about 10 minutes to complete.

I will make the survey results public after it is over, and also present them at the AGU in December.

(Note that some responses from the modeling community were not included in this summary) <-------------------

To better prioritize the achievable goals of the mission, each science question is rated on four different dimensions. They are:

A. How important is this question to understanding the air quality or climate impacts of forest fires? [Important?]

B. Do you think new information will actually help improve the state of knowledge? [Tractable?]

C. What do you think the likelihood is that the 2018 P3 mission, appropriately instrumented, alone or in conjunction with the wider 2018 FIREX activities, can actually and practically provide such improved information? [Achievable?]

D. How interested are you in pursuing this topic during acquisition or analysis? [Supported?]

Each dimension can be rated on a scale of 0 (lowest/not at all) to 5 (highest/most); NA for outside of expertise/confidence. For the [Supported] dimension, this is merely to assess broad interest in pursuing specific topics. If you are not personally going to work on the topic, please enter 0 for this dimension, but still share your perspective on the other dimensions as appropriate.

Please only provide values for questions relevant to your expertise/knowledge base. With each major class of inquiry, an opportunity is provided for extra non-multiple choice input.

Although I’d appreciate your name/contact information so that I can follow up if necessary, there’s no obligation to provide this. Feel free to contact me directly about the 2018 FIREX P3 aerosol priorities.

Joshua (Shuka) Schwarz
W: 303 497 4637

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