GSN Recruitment Application
We are a tight knit gaming, drama free community of mature gamers that play all sorts of PC games. We are open to anyone.... however, if you want to be an official GSN member, you have to be INVITED.
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How can you get invited?
- You have to be 18+ years old
- Be yourself. Have fun.
- Socialize and game with us in Discord (VOIP & Text)
- Fill out this online application.
How does GSN decide if I get in or not?
Every month the staff members meet and discuss the activeness, behavior and attitude of those interested in recruitment. We then vote on whether or not a member will be recruited.
How long does it take to get recruited?
There is no set amount of time. We are searching for the outstanding people among the community. We will watch your gaming, voip and text activity in our server, as well as see how you get along with other members.
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