“Stop, Think, Talk...then Act”: The Life First Story questionnaire
We have been inspired by examples of the use of “Stop, Think, Talk... then Act” a practice to help eliminate unnecessary exposure and increase the odds that everyone goes home. Based on this, we believe capturing and sharing life first stories widely will inspire and enable others to routinely use the "Stop, Think, Talk . . . then Act" practice.

In order to accomplish this, we have developed an anonymous questionnaire that we invite anyone, from any organization and at any level who has had a first-hand experience they would like to share. The following questions will promote learning, inspire and enable others to routinely use the "Stop, Think, Talk . . . then Act" practice.

If you have had a first-hand experience in using the "Stop, Think, Talk...then Act" practice and would like to share the experience, please complete the following questions. Thank you.

1. What circumstances triggered use of the “Stop, Think, Talk...then Act” practice?  (What was being considered that felt like it may represent unnecessary exposure, prompting a discussion?)
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2. Who was involved in the dialogue?  (By role – not name – who made the initial proposal; who sensed the potential unnecessary exposure; who else was brought into the conversation?)
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3. Did the conversation result in a modification of the proposed strategy or tactic?
*If so, what changes were made to help eliminate unnecessary exposure?
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*If not, what information surfaced in discussion that suggested there wasn’t a need to modify the proposed strategy or tactic?
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