Transportation Survey - NCIL
The National Council on Independent Living is currently conducting research on our members’ experiences with transportation, and we are seeking information from individuals who have struggled to gain access to accessible transportation. We are looking for several compelling stories to help us mobilize around issues of vehicle accessibility and autonomous vehicles.

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What is the most significant challenge you face when it comes to transportation? *
Are your current options for transportation reliable and easy to access? If not, what are the most significant deficiencies? *
Do you believe autonomous vehicles will improve your quality of life, given that they have potential to be used in both public and private transit? When you think about the positives, what has you most excited? What are your greatest concerns?
What obstacles do you feel autonomous vehicles may have in reaching their potential to meet your needs?
What would you tell those developing autonomous vehicles right now?
What action should we all take to increase availability of accessible vehicles?
(If applicable) Is this your first experience organizing for the civil rights of people with disabilities? If not, how did you first get involved?
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