What is your favorite Easter tradition?
Although not as commercially popular as Christmas, Easter is the most important Christian holiday in the liturgical calendar. From Easter egg hunts to vigils, how Catholics celebrate Christ's resurrection differs from one family to the next.

How do you celebrate Easter? U.S. Catholic wants to know.
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1. I/my family attends an Easter Vigil.
2. I/my family bakes a lamb cake.
3. I/my family colors Easter eggs.
4. I/my family gives Easter baskets to children.
5. As a child, I wore a special Easter outfit.
6. My family holds an Easter egg hunt or egg roll.
7. My family bakes hot crossed buns.
8. Easter is my favorite holiday in the liturgical calendar.
9. I/my family wears Easter bonnets.
10. When I was a child, I believed in the Easter Bunny.
11. I taught my children to believe in the Easter Bunny.
12. I/my family attends a sunrise Mass on Easter.
13. I/my family eats ham or another special meal on Easter.
14. I/my family attends Mass on Good Friday.
15. I/my family were baptized or confirmed during Holy Week.
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