IDPC Survey on COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious global challenge with far-reaching ramifications for society as we know it. Communities targeted by the "war on drugs", living in situations of vulnerability, experiencing exclusion, stigmatisation and criminalisation, will bear a differentiated and disproportionate burden of the negative consequences associated with the pandemic.

Through this survey, the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC)'s Secretariat is seeking to support our diverse membership, and civil society colleagues, to document this rapidly evolving situation, as well as gain a shared understanding of both the challenges that are emerging for our organisations and the communities that we represent or serve. The information provided can also help to inform potential collective action that we can take as the drug policy reform movement to respond to this emerging crisis.

This survey has 4 substantive sections:
- Section 1. Basic contact information
- Section 2. Challenges and government responses
- Section 3. Civil society / community responses
- Section 4. Other comments
Only the questions on 'Section 1 - Basic information' are required.
The rest are optional and you can respond as relevant.

Throughout the survey, we encourage you to include links to news articles (in any language), official documentation and other key sources you may find valuable.

We recognise that the situation is evolving constantly and therefore this is not a one-time survey. We encourage you to return and submit additional entries as and when you feel is necessary. Responses received by Tuesdays (Cut-off time: 23:59 - London) will inform the production of weekly updates, distributed through IDPC's communication channels.

There are various other data-collection exercises being coordinated on specific aspects of COVID-19 and drug-related issues. A list of those will be updated in the IDPC resources page on COVID-19: This survey seeks to complement, rather than duplicate, the information being collected by others.
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