SSU Library Outreach
This form is to collect data on library outreach programs & events (internal use only).

     ◘ Do not include programs exclusively for Library personnel or student employees  
     ◘ Do not include exhibits. However, you should include programs related to exhibits
     ◘ Do not include stats for New Student Orientations, which will be recorded separately
     ◘ Do not include programs connected to a specific course, please fill out the library instruction
        reporting form instead: 

*Note: Please fill out form for each (non-consecutive) outreach session, regardless of whether this event or program is part of an ongoing series (for example, fill out a separate form for each iteration of Pan y Cafe, but only fill out one form for a multi-day event like the Pop-Up Tea Library).

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Co-Sponsors & Collaborators
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Please record in number of MINUTES and across days if a multi-day event
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Primarily, what type of program or event was this?
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Identify the primary objective(s) and goal(s) for the event.
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