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German local numbers require an address in the same locality as the prefix of the number (e.g., Munich number requires a Munich address). Addresses can be added via Console or the REST API. Due to local regulations, in addition to an address, a verified identity document associated with your Twilio project is required.

If you are using the numbers directly, the identification should be yours or your company’s. If you are reselling the phone numbers, the identification should be that of your customer -- either an individual or a company identification. For more details, requirements for German numbers are outlined here:

Before submitting this form, please ensure to add a valid German address and a valid identity document for the end user. You will need the "Friendly name" for both the address and ID. Remember that the address must match the address on the ID.

Here are a few helpful FAQs to serve as a guide:

How do I add or update an address? -
Identity Verification -
How do I upload and Map an Identity Document? -
Twilio phone number address validation FAQ -

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