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The Kite Games is a team video challenge for kiters around the world. Everyone can join! Have fun, challenge yourselves and send in your video contribution to share the stoke. No entry fees, no restrictions - just fun!

The request for e-mail address is for you to receive a copy of your registration and to have a way of contacting you if necessary.
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Terms and rules
- You participate at your own risk! The riders are responsible for their own safety. See disclaimer at
- Every team must have min 4 and max 10 members
- The missions have to be done by the team members to be approved
- Every team member must do at least 2 missions each
- If the mission have subcategories only the highest score in the category will count
- All trick must be landed to be approved. To clear a trick you have to land on the board and have enough speed to ride a shorter distance.
- The missions have to be filmed and put together as a video to be approved
- You can participate from all over the world, this is not a location based competition
- Remember, the important thing is to have fun!

Rider Categories
There are 3 categories of riders to choose when you enter the game; Pro, Advanced and Enthusiast

Pro – you have one or more well known names in your team. Eg. Nick Jacobsen, Hannah Whiteley, Sam Light, Jalou Langeree etc. Anyone that has recently participated in any world tour or big competition. This is your category, the battle of the giants!

Advanced – You are not pro, but you are one of the best in you country. Maybe you have been competing in your nationals, maybe you look at the list and see no clear challenge. You are still in! But you will fight with your equals – let’s bring it on!

Enthusiast – You don’t feel that you fit the description of the above categories. Congrats! You are still in the game :). You are in it to have as much fun as possible, and to be honest, you will most likely have more fun than the hard core competing guys in the other categories. And, you will for sure learn the most. We want you!
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