2013-14 Dual Credit College Algebra Pilot Form

Principals: After reviewing the information on this page, please click the "continue" button below to complete and submit this online form by March 20, 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a statewide dual credit course?

• A statewide dual credit course is an existing high school course which is aligned with a TDOE-approved statewide dual credit challenge examination and supplemental resources developed by postsecondary faculty. Students who pass these challenge examinations will earn college credits accepted by all Tennessee public postsecondary institutions. Several statewide dual credit courses are currently under development.

• Statewide dual credit courses do not alter or replace existing local dual credit agreements between LEAs and postsecondary institutions. However, these local agreements are not automatically transferable to other postsecondary institutions (unless agreed upon by all parties).

• For this pilot, students enrolled in Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry will take an online assessment (statewide dual credit challenge exam) testing their knowledge of course content. Students who pass this challenge exam will be considered proficient in College Algebra, and will be awarded College Algebra credits upon matriculation at any public postsecondary institution.

What are the benefits of participating?

• If your school is selected to implement the pilot course, students enrolled in Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry in 2013-14 will have the opportunity to earn transferable College Algebra credits before graduating high school by taking an online assessment.

• College Algebra is included in several Tennessee Transfer Pathways, and it meets the general education math requirement for many degree programs.

• Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry teachers will receive professional development and supplemental materials which will help them align the Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry standards to the postsecondary learning objectives measured by the statewide dual credit challenge exam (online assessment).

• Your school’s participation will contribute to a more effective statewide dual credit program and will help to expand early postsecondary opportunities for your students and for students across Tennessee.

What is required in order to participate?

• Any participating school must offer AAT during the 2013-14 school year.

• At least one Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry teacher from each pilot school must attend two days of professional development (dates listed below).

• Any participating school must agree to administer the statewide dual credit College Algebra challenge exam to all AAT students at the end of the course using an online assessment provided by the state.

• Examinations are still under development and may incur a nominal testing fee associated with test scoring. While we hope to offer the pilot challenge exam at no charge to students, we are also investigating the possibility of fee reductions or waivers for students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch.

What should you know about the teacher professional development?

• Teachers must attend one of the two-day professional development sessions listed below:
- July 12-13, 2013: Knoxville and Jackson - Sept. 6-7, 2013: Knoxville and Jackson
- July 19-20, 2013: Murfreesboro - Sept. 13-14, 2013: Nashville

• The Tennessee Department of Education will cover all travel and substitute teacher expenses to allow one teacher from your school to attend the training days. Additional teachers are welcome to attend at your expense.