Welcome to the Witchlands!
Here there be magic, monsters, and brooding Bloodwitches! And of course, a fun street team to help spread the word about the next book in the Witchlands series!

#Witchlanders will get free swag, extra content, and insider looks before the rest of the world. You'll also get direct access to ME for all your Witchlands-related questions, regular chats within the team, and whatever other awesome goodness I can come up with.

NOTE: If you sign up now, you are NOT obligated to anything. You can leave at any point (or simply lurk/not participate). You will also be given a second chance to officially sign on (or bow out) once we kick off the full street team agenda.

NOTE: This is open internationally! ALL readers are welcome!

If you're interested, just fill out the form to be added to the crew!
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