Difinity Dance is seeking collaborations with Arts, Cultural, and Recreational Organisations across Manitoba to bring inclusive dance education and performance arts opportunities to disabled manitobans. Our goal is to work with you through community consultation to bring physical literacy to your community, and/ or vulnerable group you serve. We work with you through out the entire consultation process to find and apply for grant, private, and sponsorship funding for the workshop, class, or camp you would like to bring to your area.

We offer a wide range of performance arts, physical literacy, and visual arts recreational services for emerging to semi professional artists and non-artists ages 2 and up. Difinity Dance believes arts and physical literacy has the ability to empower individuals, and heal communities through creative expression. We work with you to identify the unique needs of your community, and design custom services to fit them.

Our Educators, Partners,and Volunteers are fully dedicated to seeing people with disabilities receive equal opportunities within the arts and cultural industries, and desire to see more collaborative projects come to fruition. As such, this Open Call is for community centers, organisations who serve person's with disabilities, arts and cultural organisations, recreational parks and services who are looking to provide one or more of the following services to their community:

1. Dance/ Performance Arts Camps (1 week to 2 week 1/2 day to Full day camps available)
2. Dance/ Performance Arts Workshops (1 hour to 3 Day Workshop Intensives available)
3. Dance/ Performance Arts Classes (6,8,10, 12 week sessions available)
4. Dance Parties/ Events- Live Dance Class (For Galas, Conferences, and Fundraisers)

To find out more about the 4 services listed above please visit our website for details:


We would love to hear from you! In order for us to fully access what areas we should focus on in improving accessibility to performance arts education and performance arts opportunities for Manitoban dancers with a disability your feedback will be vital. Although there has been cut backs to the services offered to Manitoban's with Disabilities, there are several resources still available to provide them these opportunities.

Your clients voices and faces could be seen and heard on the dance scene here by simply filling out the form below so we may get in touch with you to set up an (over-the-phone), (in-person), (web-conference) meeting. Appointment must be made in advance as we have satellite offices within Manitoba.

Thank you for reaching out to us, we look forward to hearing from you.


Stephanie Strugar
Artistic Director- Difinity Dance Studio & Productions
P: 204.894.1075
E: difini.dancecrews@gmail.com
E: stephaniestrugar@gmail.com
W: www.ddsp.ca
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