Should "Good game" be one of the default Prismata emotes?
So, there's been some controversy over our decision to replace the "Good game" emote with "I surrender". This is your chance to give us feedback.

Background: the "Good game" emote was recently replaced because of a number of complaints from players about it being commonly used for bm/insult purposes. We are not the first game to have also discontinued "Good game" emotes after finding they had a negative impact on player experiences (for example, Hearthstone removed the emote during their alpha even after recording voice work for all the characters.) However, many players have vocally complained that they miss the emote and want it back.

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"Good game" should be brought back as one of the default Prismata emotes available to all players.
If "Good game" and "I surrender" were both removed from the list of default emotes in Prismata, is there a different emote that you'd like to use instead?
We're open to suggestions and alternatives.
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Any other thoughts on the issue?
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Any other feedback on emotes, or anything else in Prismata?
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