We Won't Let 2008 Happen Again: Stories
Millions of people have lost their jobs from the pandemic, and that will make it hard for many Californians to make rent and mortgage payments. Our state is vulnerable to vulture corporations, who are already stockpiling cash to buy up our housing like they did in 2008.

We won't let that happen again. Instead, we'll fight to make sure communities have the first right to purchase any homes that go up for sale. We'll fight for the money to keep those homes in community - not corporate - hands.

Did you lose your home or apartment during the Great Recession? Are you worried about losing your home or apartment because of the pandemic? Were you able to stay in your home because a land trust or community organization helped you out? It's time to tell your story.

Add your info below and someone from the campaign will contact you. You'll have the chance to share your story with a reporter, make a video, or write an editorial about your experience. That's how we bring more Californians on board to fight with us!
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