Pearland Gift Match Pledge Form 梨城建堂匹配奉獻認獻表
Dollar-for-Dollar match for all NEW pledges made before 6/30/20 (and fulfilled by 12/31/20).
Chinese Name 中文姓名
English Name 英文名 *
Address 地址 *
Phone 電話 *
Email 電郵 *
HCC Offering Code # (If you don't have one, write "None" & one will be issued to you) 奉獻號碼#(如果沒有,請填寫”None”,教會將會為您設定一個號碼,電郵給您) *
Pledge Amount 認獻金額 *
If donating by check, please write "Pearland Gift Match" on the memo line. If donating by PayPal Giving Fund, add "21" in the cents amount (e.g., $500.21). If you have any questions, please email 如果使用支票奉獻,請在備註標明“Pearland Gift Match”,並且以“21”作為“分”單位(例如500.21)。如有任何問題,請電郵
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