Volunteer Clinic Drivers - Sign Up Form - Spring 2019 (February-May)
The Sexual Information Center is seeking volunteer drivers!!!

Are you interested in helping out at the SIC, without necessarily becoming a staffer? Becoming a volunteer driver is a great way to get involved with a low time-commitment. Lack of reliable transportation is one of the BIGGEST barriers to sexual/reproductive healthcare access. Even just a few hours per month would be an incredible help to our organization!

Volunteer drivers take people to and from their sexual/reproductive health and gender-affirmation appointments. Destinations may include clinics in Elyria, Lorain, or Cleveland. Volunteer drivers commit to maintaining confidentiality, and providing non-judgmental support during transportation.

At this time, we can ONLY accept volunteer drivers who:
1) Have a valid driver's license;
2) Have a car;
3) Do NOT require reimbursement.
Please do not fill out this form if you cannot meet ALL 3 of these requirements.

Thank you!
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Do you have a valid driver's license? *
You must have a valid driver's license in order to volunteer.
Do you have a car? *
You must have a vehicle in order to volunteer. Unfortunately, the Sexual Information Center does not have the capacity to coordinate the switching and borrowing of cars at this time.
Do you require reimbursement? *
Unfortunately, the Sexual Information Center CANNOT provide monetary reimbursement at this time, due to a lack of sufficient funds.
Please indicate your weekly availability.
Check all that apply. Checking a box means that you are available for the FULL HOUR starting at that time. For example, checking "Monday 8AM" means that you are available from 8-9AM on Monday mornings.
If someone requires a POC and/or non-cis driver, are you able to meet these requirements?
Check all that apply.
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