C-FC Website Survey
1. How often do you visit the school website? (select one)
2. The category that best describes me is . . . (select one)
3. When visiting the school website, what info are you seeking? (select all that apply)
4. From which sources do you receive most school information? (select one)
5. How informed are you about events and activities happening at school? (select one)
6. How do you stay current on school happenings and initiatives? (select all that apply)
7. Which quicklinks do you use the most? (select all that apply) Note: These are currently located on the website home page, along the left side of the page.
8. What is the social media network you personally use the most? (select up to two)
9. Which topics do you want to hear more about? (select all that apply)
10. How do you typically access the school website?
11. What other comments do you have about the school website?
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