Israeli Tech Marketing Survey
Thank you for helping your fellow Israeli marketers by answering this anonymous survey!

Who should respond:

-You work for a technology company headquartered in Israel
-You are the head of marketing (you may be called marketing director, CMO, VP marketing, or even the CEO)

Read about the goals behind the survey here:

Questions: write to rebecca [at] theleanmarketer [dot] com
Background about your company
Company revenues *
Number of Employees *
Number of full time people in your marketing department *
Type of company - check all that apply *
Key target markets *
What is your sales model? *
What does your company do (in a few words)
For example "Internet security" or "mobile games for kids" etc.
Background about you
Your job title *
How many years of marketing experience do you have? *
About your marketing activities
Do you do these types of activities with industry analysts (Gartner, Forrester, etc.)
Analyst subscription(s)
Analyst inquiries
Consulting hours via telephone
In-person consulting hours
Custom reports for internal use
Custom reports for external use
Hired analyst for webinar
One-off report purchase(s)
Clear selection
Describe your Digital Marketing activities:
We add/update content on our Web site at least once a month
We work with an outside Web developer
We have our own in-house Web developer
We feel our web site accurately reflects our position in the market
We have a corporate blog
We update our blog at least once a week
Web create our own podcasts
We work with an SEO firm
We work with a PPC firm
We are active in social networks (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, Youtube…)
We generate meaningful business from social networks
Clear selection
How do you handle media relations?
We work with an external PR agency(s)
We handle our PR in-house
We pursue bylined articles
We speak at industry conference(s)
Clear selection
Approximately how many press releases do you announce per month?
How many industry events does your company exhibit at annually? *
How many industry organizations does your company hold membership in or sponsor? *
How does your company handle advertisements?
Have tried it
We advertise in print publications
We advertise in email newsletters
We purchase third-party lists for email blasts
We advertise using PPC (Google Adwords, LinkedIn ads, etc.)
Clear selection
Which of the following types of content are part of your marketing strategy?
Customer case studies
Corporate blog
Custom reports by third-party analysts
Email newsletter
Print newsletters
Publishing ebooks
Virtual conferences
Webinars / webcasts
White Papers
Clear selection
What best describes how you create new content for your marketing program? *
How do you handle competitive analysis?
What marketing technologies do you use or plan to use?
We use today
Plan to implement in 2012
We plan to implement in 2013
No immediate plans to implement
Google analytics
Paid Web analytics program
Customer Relationship Management solution (e.g. Salesforce, ACT, etc.)
Marketing automation Software (Pardot, Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, etc.)
Email marketing software (ExactTarget, VerticalResponse, Cheetahmail, etc.)
Social Media Tracking tool / Listening platform (Alterian, Tracx, Radian6, etc.)
Clear selection
What is your annual marketing budget? *
Please do NOT include: salaries, travel/accomodation, technical writing
Approximately what portion of your marketing budget is spent on each of these areas? *
0 - 9%
10 - 20%
20 - 30%
31 - 40%
40% and up
Digital Marketing (Web site, social networking, blog, PPC, SEO)
Public Relations/ Media relations (PR firms, wire services)
Print Advertisements
Industry Events (trade shows, conferences)
Industry Analysts (subscriptions, consulting hours, etc.)
Industry organization sponsorships
Partner co-marketing (e.g. co-op budget / MDF)
Competitive analysis
Marketing software (analytics programs, email marketing SW, marketing automation, etc.)
ROI Tracking
Administration & other
What areas of your marketing provide the best ROI?
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What improvements would you suggest for the next survey of this type?
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