PO & OO Application Form (July 2017)
Before applying please make sure you meet the following requirements:

1) You must have been in EVE University for at least 3 weeks
2) You need to be active in EVE University (any kind of activity counts and different styles of gameplay are encouraged)
3) You must not have any serious previous misconduct
4) You must be fluent in English with decent communication skills
5) You must be able to dedicate at least an hour every week to Personnel work
6) Orientation Officers: Freshman. Personnel Officers: We normally recruit people with the sophomore title or above BUT we can make an exception for exceptional candidates.

The quality of your responses to the questions below are important. The most common reason for applications being declined is because the application does not contain sufficient information.

Thank you for applying!
What is the name of the character you are applying with? *
Your answer
How long have you been a member of EVE University? *
How many weeks (including any previous time spent in EVE University)
Your answer
Which of the following titles do you currently hold? *
This title must be applied in game. Please pick the most senior title that applies.
Which campuses/projects are you presently a member of? *
Please select all that apply.
Of the above campuses, which do you consider your primary campus? *
If you are unable to decide, please just pick the one you are presently in.
Are you able to commit to at least a couple of hours a week to performing personnel officer related duties? *
What is your current timezone and during which times are you generally online during the week? *
Please indicate AU, EU or NA and use game time when indicating your online times.
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All information that you gain access to as a PO/OO is strictly confidential. Do you agree to keep all information confidential? *
Why do you want to be a Personnel or Orientation Officer? *
Please provide as much information as possible - up to 750 characters
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Indicate any other staff positions that you may be interested in eventually filling.
This is not a deal breaker - being a personnel officer is often a stepping stone to other positions and we don't mind this!
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Please describe any experience that you have that will help make you a good officer?
This can be in or out of game experience. Please provide as much information as possible - up to 750 characters
Your answer
Is there anything else that you'd like to tell us?
This includes any references from current or previous personnel officers, and anything you'd like a clarify from your answers above
Your answer
Are you a member of any Slack groups? If so, which ones? *
Your answer
Have you ever been a personnel officer, recruitment officer, or Orientaion officer with EVE University previously? *
Have you ever submitted an application to join the Personnel Department before? *
Have you ever submitted an application to join the PO/OO Depts before? *
Which of the two posititions available interests you the most? *
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