Staff Standards Survey
Your career/technical institution is seeking to be accredited by the Middle States Association of colleges and schools. A primary reason why your institution is seeking accreditation/reaccreditation is so it can offer federal student aid to its adult students. Accreditation is a voluntary process by which the quality of the institution's educational program and supporting services are measured against internationally recognized standards of quality.

1. There are twelve Standards for Accreditation with which the institution must be in compliance to be granted "Accreditation" by the Middle States Association.
2. The Middle States Standards for accreditation are rigorous criteria for quality in a career/technical institution and its programs. They define the level of quality required in each area of an institutions educational programs, services, and supporting operations for an institution to be accredited.
3. Complying with a Standard means that the Standard describes the institution at the expected level of quality.
4. Each Standard is amplified by a set of indicators of quality that show the evidence an institution should demonstrate to comply with the standard for accreditation.

Based on your personal experience with this institution and your professional judgement, rate the degree to which your institution is in compliance with each indicator of quality for each of the 12 Standards.

If you do not have sufficient knowledge or experience to rate an indicator, leave it blank.

In this self-assessment survey, rate each standard and its indicators of quality using the following scale:

1. Not in Compliance. The evidence indicated that my program is not in compliance with the expectation of this standard.

2. Partial Compliance/Needs Improvement. The evidence indicated that my program is in compliance with the expectations of this Standard only partially and is in need of improvement.

3. In Compliance. The evidence indicates that my program is in compliance with this Standard.

4. The evidence indicated that my program exceeds the expectations of this Standard.

My relationship to this institution is (check only your primary role)
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