Chariho Regional School District Distance Learning Registration Request Form
The Chariho Regional School District is working on creating a plan for families that would prefer to have a distance learning option for the opening of schools. Please complete this form if you want the school district to plan for your child to part of our distance learning plan.

*Families that choose this option must remain in Distance Learning for the entire first trimester for Elementary School and the entire first quarter for Middle School and High School.

*The decision to have the distance learning option may not be changed unless the Superintendent and Building Administrator approve the request. (This will be based on student performance and any other important data necessary to inform this decision.)


*Please complete this registration form by Friday August 14, 2020, so we are able to plan accordingly.

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I understand by clicking Yes I am committing to distance learning for a complete trimester in Elementary school and a complete quarter in Middle School/High School. *
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