WordPress Meetup Topics 2019 - 2020
The following topics were brainstormed during our July, 2019 Meetup. We'd like to know what you're most interested in so we can plan future meetups.
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Adding and Using Custom Fields
Common WP Mistakes to Avoid
Compare WP to other CMSs
Creating and Using Custom Post Types
eCommerce solutions
Email marketing
Facebook intergration with your website
Forms - collecting data from users
Image Handling - naming, tools, SEO, etc.
Happiness Bar (one-on-one help)
Introduction to WordPress
Intro - Guenberg vs Clasic editor
Intro - Navigating the WP Dashboard
Intro - Themes
Launching a free plugin
Lightning Talks / Open Mic (5-10 minute talks on various topics)
Managing the Media Library - alternatives to sorting by date
Migrating WP sites
My Favorite Plugins
Optimizing Video for SEO and WP
Overview of WP's Database Tables
SEO - based on your (other's) content
SEO - technical issues
SEO Tools
Troubleshooting WP problems
Use Your Own Database Tables (not postmeta)
Website Critiques: Review each other's websites to point out improvements
wordpress.com vs wordpress.org - Pros/Cons of Each
WP & Social Media
Google Tag Manager
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