Project SEEN: Photographic Memoirs Application 2019
We are currently planning Project SEEN Exhibit for Private VIP Event in San Diego. Our next Project SEEN4 will be announced in late February 2019. You may still complete this application to be placed on the waiting list.

Project SEEN is a 4 week course inspiring sex industry survivors to honestly express themselves through photography and creative writing. Throughout the course the group is guided in self-discovery to uncover hidden talents and expose their natural skills. Everyone is given creative freedom to explore, express and deepen their understanding of themselves. At the end of the course each participant will have professionally edited photos, journals with vibrant writings and a strong sense of how to express themselves not only as survivors, but as Thrivers!
Here are what past participants are saying about the course:

"I felt it was safe and much needed and I hope that we can enroll many others survivors to join us in the future. Finding our niche, having an open and safe space to explore our creativity and being respected and heard is very crucial. Thank you!" ~J.J.

"I never thought I'd be so valued in my entire life before I came to this class. Thank you so much for believing in me and really showing me how talented and capable I am. I am excited to be a leading business beacon of hope for survivors after attending this course. I have passion and drive more than ever now!" ~S.A.
Thank you for your interest in joining Project SEEN: Photographic Memoirs Class

We will notify applicants 4 DAYS PRIOR TO START of 1st Class with our decision on enrollment & further details about the course location, times and outline.

More information on the facilitators for this course can be found at:

Michele Zousmer: Humanitarian Photographer or Instagram @humanityisart
Bethany Kelly: Publisher or (Bethany Kelly SUETalk)
Cynthia Luvlee: Business Start-Up Specialist

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