Unity San Francisco Informed Consent Form - Sunday, Nov. 22nd, 2020
We are truly thrilled to welcome back our beautiful community as we resume the celebration of our in-person Sunday Services! Naturally, we will need to make adjustments as we implement the necessary guidelines to keep everyone safe, and we recognize that this will provide us an opportunity to practice patience while living into our commitment to create a world that works for all people - no exceptions, no exclusions.

Please read this form in full each week, as the requirements may change with the ongoing situation.
In keeping with the compliance protocols issued by the County and City Health Departments, Unity San Francisco complies with the following directions. You are asked to read, complete, and sign this "Informed Consent Form" in acknowledgment of your understanding, participation, and acceptance.
This consent form is designed to help establish contact tracing, if that becomes necessary in the future. You are urged to read the information contained herein and to complete the form below. Your electronic signature will indicate your acceptance and understanding of Unity San Francisco's policies and Informed Consent for In-Person Attendance at Service.

You will receive a copy of this information in your email upon completion of this form.
This form must be individually completed by each member of your household who plans to attend Sunday Services.
Space for attendance is limited, so out of respect for those who wish to attend, please be sure to sign up only if you plan to attend on Sunday. If for some reason you are not able to attend, please reach out to us as soon as possible in the event that there is someone on the waiting list who can come.
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