SCHS Class of 1993 - Contact Information
We want to stay in touch with you. Please share your updated contact information with us. Please encourage all of you fellow SCHS C/O 93 Alumni Contacts to complete this form, even if they don't plan to attend the Reunion. But who wouldn't want to attend the reunion. It is going to be EPIC!! We hope to see you in October!!
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If you attended school of any kind after SCHS, What school(s) did you attend? What year did you graduate? What degrees or certifications did you earn?
If you served in the military, in which branch did you serve? Where have you been stationed? Are you currently serving?
Where do you currently work? Please list the name of the company, your title, and the city.
Are you an entrepreneur? What is your business name? What product or service do you offer? Please include your business website and contact information.
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What experiences have influenced your life since graduating from high school?
What are your favorite memories from South Charleston High School?
Are you interested in being more engaged with the SCHS Alumni Association?
Are you interested in being a mentor to current high school students or recent graduates?
If you no longer live in the Charleston area, how frequently do you return?
Would you be interested in having organized meet ups with SCHS classmates throughout the year?
If you are interested in having organized meet ups with SCHS classmates, when would you like for them to occur?
If you are interested in organized meet ups, what types of events would you attend?
If you have any pictures or video clips from high school you would like to share, please upload them here. By uploading the pictures/videos, you give the Reunion Committee permission to use the images or video for our upcoming event.
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