Champion Nominations 2018!
Thank you for taking the time to nominate someone as a Champion!


This year the Partnership for Children, Youth and Families is introducing a new award in addition to the Connect With Kids Champion award.

The Do For Kids Champion award is for people who has done wonderful things to support young people, but who may not have built a direct relationship with youth.

There are separate forms for each award. The first question will direct you to either the CONNECT WITH KIDS or the DO FOR KIDS Champion forms.

We have no doubt that your nominee has done incredible things for young people, but we need you to tell us how! Nominees are sometimes not selected as Champions because the nomination doesn't provide enough information.

Be thorough and concise in explaining why the person or organization should be selected as a Connect with Kids or a Do For Kids Champion. As much as possible, include testimony, words or stories from young people. The Selection Committee is particularly interested in hearing directly from youth, or that incorporate stories by or about youth in the nomination.

• Winners will be announced early March 2018.
• We will ONLY publish a list of Champions, not nominees. This allows you to decide what/if you want to tell your nominee in the event he/she is not selected.
• Up to 5 Champions will be selected for each award; you will be informed either way.
• If your nominee is selected as a Champion, we will coordinate with you to determine the best venue, date, and time to honor him/her and will ask for your assistance and/or in presenting the award.

Again, thank you for taking the time to recognize your nominee!

For any questions, please contact Michael Swisher at or 703-228-1671.

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