Art Space Application Form Mix 2020/2021
Welcome to the Art Space Application Form.
Please fill in this form, if you are a visual artist, who would like to create an Art Installation at The Mix or run an arts/crafts workshop at the Art Space during the festival.
(1 workshop= 1/2 Ticket; 2 workshops (same or different) = 1 Ticket
If you are setting up an Art Installation please make sure to be on site prior to the event to set up, unless it's an interactive festival activity.
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Which materials will you be using? (Please make sure to tidy up and dispose of materials appropriately after your workshop and the Festival...leave no trace)
Can you provide your own materials?
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If running a workshop is there a maximum number of people who can attend?
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I have read and will transmit the values of the MIX *
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