CPA Boston - Eligibility & Information Form
This Eligibility Form is required to apply for Community Preservation funds for affordable housing, historic preservation, and parks, open space, and outdoor recreation capital projects.

Please contact us if you need any assistance or have questions. Staff email & phone numbers are at the end of this form.

Eligibility form DEADLINE: Housing - Friday, August 24, 2018 / Open Space & Preservation - Friday, September 7, 2018.

There are questions below for each CPA category; just complete the questions in the category for which you are applying. If your project falls into more than one category, please complete all relevant sections.

Summary Details
Project name *
Short project description *
Project street address *
Project neighborhood *
Project zip code *
Applicant organization *
Contact person & title *
Phone *
Email *
Category (check all that apply) *
Funding Request
Amount requested *
Total project cost *
Why is funding needed? *
Other funding sources or in-kind support (note whether received, decision pending, or will apply) *
Project funding request is for (check all that apply) *
What do you hope to do? Describe construction or design details. *
Property Ownership & Control
If you are not the property owner, please submit site control documentation and/or a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the property owner outlining who will receive the funds, who will do the proposed work, and who will maintain the property upon completion.

All completed projects using CPA funds will require a deed restriction, for housing affordability, conservation land, or as a historic resource in perpetuity. You can read more about how to do this in the Community Preservation Plan appendix.

Who is the property owner and manager? *
Please upload an agreement with the owner answering the questions listed above or provide site control documentation if you are not the property owner.
Project Timeline
Expected start date *
Expected completion date *
Historic Preservation
Please answer the following questions if your application is for historic restoration.
What is your property's local, state, or national historic designation?
Please upload documentation of your property's historic designation.
Do you have a capital master plan, comprehensive assessment (of the fabric and structure of the building), or preservation plan for your historic property?
If yes, please describe what kind of plan you have. If no, please let us know why your project is a logical next step in your efforts to restore and preserve your property.
How does your historic resource/building serve the public?
Is your project a house of worship or owned by a religious organization?
Affordable Housing
By state law, CPA funds cannot be used for rehab or repairs to existing affordable housing. The one exception is that CPA can help existing affordable housing with capital improvements to preserve and protect the building from harm and destruction - e.g. roof, siding, and other features that prevent weather or fire damage. CPA funds are generally intended for the creation or acquisition of new affordable housing with the expectation of a deed restriction guaranteeing permanent affordability.

CPA affordable housing applications will require many of the attachments and budget details required with a DND housing proposal. For more information go to:

If you are not familiar with the DND process, please be in touch! / 617-635-0545.

Is your project home ownership or rental?
How many affordable units will be created by your project?
How many total units are in your project?
Please list the number of units at different AMI levels and note whether rental or home ownership. (e.g. 5 units - 50% AMI - rental)
If your project is subject to IDP (Inclusionary Development Policy) how many units are required?
Please list the public approvals required for your project and the status? (e.g. Article 80 - received; Zoning Board - pending)
What other affordable housing resources are you expecting or will you apply for? Please list with the status of each.
Is your affordable housing project within a historic district or neighborhood?
Will any existing buildings be demolished to create your affordable housing project? Please describe.
Parks, Open Space & Outdoor Recreation
Please answer the following questions if your application is for parks, open space, or outdoor recreation. CPA funds may not be used for maintenance, programming, park events, or activities - only for capital improvements and acquisition of new green space. CPA cannot support astroturf athletic fields.
Is your project? (check all that apply)
Who are the intended users of your proposed project?
If your open space will not be open to the general public, please explain.
Do you have a master plan or management plan for your open space?
Who will do ongoing maintenance after project completion?
Is your project part of a historic landscape?
Does your project include public art?
Thank you! We will let you know within a few weeks of submission if your project is eligible. Fall applications will be available on by August 15, 2018 and will be due on Friday, September 28, 2018.
For help and questions, contact us!

- / 617-635-0277
- / 617-635-0545
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