Smartest People Strategy Questionnaire
Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts, I am writing about the guidance smart people can provide to, um, other smart people. So let 'er rip!!
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Are you going outside your home for anything beyond necessities? *
What's an example of a necessity that has driven you outdoors? *
Do you wear a mask outside? (outdoors) *
Do you wear a mask when compelled by rules or young customer service persons? *
Do you wear gloves at all? *
How many times per day do you wash or sanitize your hands? *
Do you maintain a six foot distance from everyone? *
Do you touch your face? *
How often do you sanitize objects at home? *
How many risk factors do you have? (health conditions, age, large group living arrangement) *
At least one risky trait
Beyond flirting with disaster
How near is the nearest viral outbreak that you are aware of? ("Outbreak" as in there is at least one positive case of viral infection) *
In my house
At least ten KM or six miles away
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